Tomorrow's Earthquake-Resilient Cities Exhibition

Tomorrow's Earthquake-Resilient Cities Exhibition

Tomorrow’s Cities is now reaching out to the residents of İstanbul through the “Tomorrow’s Earthquake-Resilient Cities” exhibition at Salt Beyoğlu. 

As the earthquake agenda have come under the spotlight, once again, following the 6th February Kahramanmaraş Earthquakes, there has been an overwhelming and intimidating flow of information towards the public. In order to communicate this multi-layered, complex issue with the people of especially İstanbul, the Tomorrow’s Cities team have addressed the earthquake reality in a more simplified but strongly scientific way. 

Instead of scaring people off the topic with dreadful images or complicated narratives, the exhibition welcomes the visitors with colourful, reified representations of basic information regarding the earthquake science. Moreover, the exhibition puts forth the multidimensionality of the disaster risks and resilience concepts by hosting interview videos of experts from various disciplines. Interactive depictions of the project’s main components, such as wheel of urban assets, co-mapping activity, and multi-hazard impact modelling, and the shaking table units attract visitors of all ages. 

Another core matter addressed by the exhibition is the policy dimension of the disaster risk reduction interventions. The adequacy of the government’s policy approach and tools have long been a controversial issue in managing disaster risks because of the incompatibility of the rules and regulations with the dire consequences we, unfortunately, see after each disaster event. With this controversy in mind, the exhibition goes on to show the evolution of the disaster legislation in parallel with the earthquakes that took place throughout the history of Republic of Turkey. 

The exhibition will remain at Salt Beyoğlu until 27th August with additional panel discussions taking place every Tuesday.